Know more What's Clarified Butter?

Dairy lovers often ask a question, what's Clarified Butter?

How to make organic ghee at home

Clarified butter is a unique dairy staple that is made from milk fat. It is called a traditional dairy product as it is made in a traditional process. Ghee originated in ancient Asia and is an integral part of middle-eastern cooking. However, recently it has gained popularity all over the world for its numerous health benefits. Butter is melted in a slow cooking process where it gets lactose and casein free becoming more clarified. 

This is the reason ghee is also called clarified butter. Ghee and butter both have plenty of similarities like both of them are dairy products and both of them contain lots of fats.But the best clarified butter is always better than normal butter. When butter is further melted it gets caramelized and the elimination of milk proteins gives it a longer shelf life.

What is the process of making Clarified Butter?

After knowing what's clarified butter?, next you should know the process of making this pure dairy staple. Organic ghee is made by using unsalted butter. If the butter is made from 100% grass-fed cow;s milk it will be best. Pure grass-fed ghee is only made from 100% grass-fed cow’s milk made butter. In a saucepan the butter is melted at a low heat, which is a time consuming process.

You will notice it has three layers

  1. The top layer is thin and foamy; this represents some of the milk solids.
  2. The middle layer is the bright golden butterfat
  3. The bottom layer is made up of water and milk solids

Then you have to strain it through a fine mesh strainer. You can store clarified butter without the support of refrigeration for several months. It is also perfect for high smoke cooking.

It is a complete natural product that is helpful for maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle. Ghee is also very versatile as it goes well with most of the cuisines enhancing the taste.

What makes ghee super-healthy?

Besides being a tasty cooking ingredient, it also offers numerous health benefits.

Clarified butter or ghee helps in better digestion, better eyesight, boosting immunity, stronger bones, healthy skin and much more.

Hope this information about what's clarified butter? was helpful to you. So include this super food to your daily diet.