Organic desi cow ghee

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Do you know why organic desi cow ghee has gained so much popularity all over the world?

This is because besides being tasty it is very nutritious for all over the health of the human body. Ghee has become popular worldwide and the term ‘desi’ is used to signify the traditional authenticity of the dairy product.

How desi ghee is made?

In the desi ghee manufacturing, the manufacturers follow the traditional method of making ghee. If we follow the origin of ghee, it was started in India as a homemade process. Here curd was churned to produce ghee butter. It is a time-consuming process. In the making of desi ghee, its natural purity and unadulterated quality is maintained. Ghee first originated in India where it is an integral part of cooking.  Later the superfood has been accepted by several other countries all over the world.

Why is Organic desi ghee different from all?

Organic desi cow ghee is a pure product of organic dairy farming.  Organic dairy farming is quite famous in New Zealand where cows graze freely on open pasture and they are not kept captive.  An organic dairy farmer never offers their cows hormonal medicines or antibiotics to boost milk production. As a result, organic cow milk is found without the residues of hormonal medicine, antibiotics, etc., which is more nutritious and enriched with better taste.

Before you buy organic ghee, always check the organic certification on the label. Being free from kind of adulteration, it is perfect to add to your diet. Pure ghee offers some wholesome benefits like a digestive aid, constipation control, immunity booster of the human body, keeping brain cells active, and body tissues soft and flexible, etc. The pure saturated fats present in the ghee helps in healthy weight loss if taken with an active lifestyle.

Organic desi ghee for cooking

Organic desi cow ghee is a versatile cooking ingredient.

Unlike butter, the nutty flavour of ghee goes with most of the dishes and enhances the taste.  Ghee offers a higher smoking point which is perfect for high-temperature cooking. You can use ghee for baking, sauteing, shallow frying, deep-frying, seasoning and much more. Organic quality cow ghee is extensively storage friendly that you can store in your kitchen without any refrigeration support. It also stays intact at least 12-18 months.

Why Milkio ghee?

Milkio organic desi cow ghee is prepared from 100% grass-fed cow milk, Milkio organic ghee is produced by the creamery butter method and it is certified by AsureQuality and BioGro of New Zealand. The ghee complies with the USDA standard of 100% purity, and the product is Halal and Kosher certified. Milkio organic cow ghee is now available for online purchase and in regular retail outlets.


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