Organic Cow Ghee Online

Organic cow ghee online

Nowadays, different marketplaces are selling branded cow ghee products which have become an advantage for the consumers. Due to the immunity-boosting properties present in ghee, the demand of ghee has increased worldwide after the pandemic. Before you buy organic cow ghee online, there are several important facts you need to know. To produce organic ghee organic dairy farming is very important.

What is organic dairy farming?

Organic dairy farming indicates that the cows will be raised organically. Cows are fed on open green pasture grown grass.  The cultivated grasses also should be free from the use of chemicals and fertilizers.  No medicines like antibiotics or hormonal medicines are used on these cows. All the restrictions are maintained to get superior quality milk. It is a proven fact that organic cow milk contains a higher level of omega-3 fatty acid, Conjugated linoleic acid, and beta carotene, and some other nutrients.

To produce organic ghee, organic ghee manufacturers collect organic cow milk only. While buying organic cow ghee online you should keep in mind the above mentioned points.

How organic ghee is beneficial for health?

Organic ghee offers numerous health benefits. In Ayurveda ghee is considered as a super food for its numerous healing properties. It contains some antioxidants, and by nature, ghee has a detoxification feature, which keeps the digestive system of a human being clean and active. Ghee is excellent for boosting immunity. Organic ghee that is made from 100% grass-fed cows milk, improves digestive system. Daily consumption of ghee strengthens the bones, improves brain function, and also helps in getting glowing skin. Ghee is also good for growing kids. Ghee contains butyrate that works as a natural laxative and improves colon health and helps in maintaining the natural balance in a human body.

What makes Organic cow ghee is perfect for cooking?

When you are trying to buy organic cow ghee online, always check few points. Organic ghee offers longer shelf life than normal ghee. A good quality ghee will have 12-18 months shelf life and it stays intact without refrigeration support. The manufacturing process of ghee evaporates the moisture from the milk butter, and the butter becomes clarified butter through continuous boiling. So while buying check the storage recommendations and expiry date. Also check the organic certification and if it is made from 100% grass-fed cow’s milk.

Why Milkio organic Ghee?

Milkio organic grass-fed cow ghee, based in New Zealand is the sole manufacturer of ghee which is made from 100% grass-fed cow milk.

You can buy organic cow ghee online which is certified by BioGro, New Zealand, and the product maintains the USDA standard of 100% purity.

Our wide range of delicacies are available in the USA, Australia, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, Egypt, Thailand, Japan, and New Zealand.


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